Wedding and marriage

Marriage is intended primarily to perpetuate the name of the clan and ancestral worship. It is therefore an important event not only for the couple but also for two families.

Traditionally, families who wish to ally would communicate via a marriage broker. If communication is positive, we exchange the information about the hour, day, month and year of birth of the young man and young girl. If the result is favorable horoscope, the couple is destined to become husband and wife.

Ensuing three essential rites: the marriage proposal, engagement and marriage.

For the marriage proposal, a delegation representing the family of the groom visits the bride. This meeting allows both families to get to know, check the consent of each and to establish procedures for the next steps of the union.

For engagement, a new delegation visits the bride, bringing offerings to the ancestor worship of the latter. Indeed, it is not only to obtain the consent of the bride parents, but also of deceased ancestors. The offerings are necessarily composed of some of betel, areca nut, a little rice wine and incense sticks. This varies from region to region.

Then comes marriage. It consists of several rituals:

-The official ceremony at the bride's
The Ruoc-Dau (the ceremony where the bride is led to the groom house)
-The official ceremony at the groom (the actual wedding)
The Phan-Bai and Lai Mat (the first visit of the newlyweds to the family of the bride)